What should I write? So many things I could say. Though I know not many actually read what I write. In that case, I guess it doesn’t really matter what I say. No one will see it anyway. Here goes…..
    Am I a good mother? Are my children better off without me? Well, let me ask a few more questions. Ones I have the answers to. Are they happy? Yes. Are they healthy? Yes. Do they enjoy being around me? Yes. Are they afraid of me? No. Are they excelling in school by being with me? Yes. Are they smart? Yes. With that being said, I guess I am a good mother. So why are other convinced I am doing such a horrible job? All because I made one wrong decision that I thought was ok. Because I want my children to be able to excel in every aspect of their lives? If that makes me a bad mother than I think most mom’s would be considered bad.
     It’s so frustrating when you try so hard, but all people see is the few bad things. They don’t see you stay up all night with a sick child or see you clean up puke or change all these diapers. They only see bad. They don’t see you cuddle your 5 year old cause she got hurt or hug your 8 year old close because someone hurt her feelings. Or protect your 10 year old from bees, even though you know there aren’t any nearby. No, they only see the bad.
    I love my children. All 5 of them. Plus my 3 step daughters. They ALL mean the world to me and for someone to say otherwise, not only hurts, but makes me mad too. I would do anything for these children. Give them my food, if they were hungry. My sweater if they are cold. I’d do anything for them. Because they are my babies. AND I will fight as hard as I have to, in order to keep them.