Santa and such.

Growing up, I always knew my presents were from my parents or grandparents. I never thought that some jolly fat man in a red suit brought them to me. My parents didn’t want us to believe in all these fictional people. Such as Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy. Not because they wanted to destroy my childhood, but because they didn’t want us to grow up and think that maybe they lied about God as well.
    I don’t feel as though I missed out on anything by not believing in those things. I also don’t feel as though my children are missing out either. They know that I buy their presents, not Santa. If they lose teeth, I give them money, not the Tooth Fairy. I hide the eggs, not The Easter Bunny. Is there something wrong with this way of life? How long do you let your child believe in something that isn’t real? How do you handle it when they find out? There are so many things that just make it even clearer to me, that this is the right thing. Maybe not for you or your family, but it is for mine. I wouldn’t jugde you for having your child(ren) believe in Santa and such. So don’t judge me for not having mine believe.