Morning person.

Why does morning have to come so early? I swear, I just closed my eyes for 5 minutes and the next things I know, my alarm is going off. It’s 6;25am. Time to get kids up and ready for school. Getting them dressed in appropriate clothing can be a challenge that I am not prepared for in the mornings, so we started picking pout school clothes the night before. My oldest keeps trying to wear shorts. Apparently she still thinks it is summer and not November.
I get the 3 older ones off to school and if I am really lucky (which is rare) I can go back to bed for another hour, until the younger 2 wake up. Though normally, my youngest is out of bed as soon as my bedroom door opens. When he is up, my day really begins. You can’t take your eyes off of him for more than a minute. He causes more destruction that 3 kids put together. (I have 5 kids. 8 every weekend. I know what I ma talking about.)
In the time between me getting out of bed and going to the bathroom, he did this.

He looks proud of himself, doesn’t he?
Well, now it is a few minutes after 9. I’ve had some coffee and I’m feeling a little more awake. (Though going back to bed sounds amazing.) All those people who told me that having kids forces you to be a morning person, lied to me. I’m not a morning person. AT ALL. I’m still grumpy when I’ve had little sleep. Which is often, cause let’s face it, what fun would it be if I went to bed the same time as the kids?
But seriously, if mornings could be, like, around noon, that would be great.


Hailey Ann.

When my oldest baby was starting to crawl, my husband and I decided to try for another baby. I didn’t think it would happen so soon.
I was living in Arkansas with my husband (that’s where he was stationed) and went to Oregon to visit my family. My sister had just had her baby and I wanted to see the newest addition to our family. While I am their visiting, I started having some pain in my chest. I had this all through my last pregnancy. I kept getting told it was heartburn. Well this time it was so bad, I decided to go to the emergency room. I told them I was having chest pain and that I was told before that it was heartburn, but I thought it was something different. The emergency room doctor was very nice. (I’ve had a few mean ones before.) She told me she was going to take some blood and do a few tests. She asked if there was a chance I was pregnant. I said, yes. They took blood and a while later came back to tell me, that I had gallstones and I was pregnant.
When I got back to Arkansas, I made an appointment with an OB. They referred me to another doctor who told me it was best to wait until after the pregnancy to remove my gallbladder. (I was not looking forward to that.)
My pregnancy was pretty easy. I found out that I had gestational diabetes. I had to watch what I ate and check my blood sugar regularly. I was due on November 21stm but since I had a c-section before, I was given the option on another. Being that I was so far away from my family and I really wanted my mom there, I decided to do another c-section.
On November 15th, I had a beautiful 8lb 1oz baby girl.
She is so much like me, but is also very much her own person. She is very mature, but knows how to be a kid. I can’t even imagine how life would be if I didn’t have my Hailey-bug. Happy Birthday, Hailey! I love you!