Before I became a mom, I always thought I would be the best mom out there. I would cook breakfast for my kids, always have laundry clean and put away, I would do homework with them every night, etc.
Well, a lot can change after having children. I realized that I don’t like doing laundry, I am not a morning person and I suck at homework. Not to mention, I don’t know how to stay on a routine. That in itself can make life hard when you have children. We have some things that happen about the same time everyday, Like dinner and bedtime, but everything else is sort of it happens when it happens.
Here’s a little sample of how a day goes around here. I’ll use a weekday, because those have a bit more routine.

6:30am – Alarm goes off. Wake up kids.
6:45am – Give my daughter her pills. Do their hair.
7:00am – Walk kids out to the bus or my upstairs neighbor walks them.
7:15am – Sometimes I start laundry.
7:30am – Feed the younger kids breakfast. (The older ones eat at school.)
7:45am – I sit and play on my phone or computer while I drink coffee. Lots of times, trying to come up with blog posts and failing miserably.
9:00am – Sometimes I turn on a show for the kids. Other times they just play (destroy) in their room while I procrastinate doing thing around the house.
10:00am – It’s 10 now and here I am sitting in my chair, writing my blog, while the kids play.
12:00pm – I feed the kids lunch.
12:30pm to 2:30pm – This varies a lot. I may fold laundry or do dishes or go to the store or even stay sitting because, let’s face it, I’m kind of lazy some days.
2:45pm – Watch for the bus. 2 kids home.
2:50pm – Supervise kids doing their chores.
3:20pm – Fold laundry. (If I did it.)
3:40pm – Watch for bus. 1 kid home.
3:45pm – Tell them to do homework. My oldest does her chores at this time and then her homework.
4:30pm – Send them into the backyard to play or they play inside or read books.
5:00pm – I start dinner.
5:30pm – Dinnertime.
6:00pm – Showers or baths for kids.
6:50pm – Kids pick out their clothes for school the next day.
7:00pm – Kids go to bed.
7:30pm – Watch Netflix or read a book until I’m tired.

This is what a day looks like. Though it tends to change. There are some things that stay the same, Like meal times and when they get on/off the bus. So I guess we do have a little bit of routine. Do you have routine at your house? Is it hard to stay on track?


4 thoughts on “Routine.

  1. Hi, there! I don’t have a daily routine, but have been tempted to write down everything I do so that I can share my list with my husband to answer his routine question: What did you do today? I always feel really busy but can never remember all that I do. You’ve given me motivation to write it down (at least once). Thanks!

  2. Isn’t it funny to look back at how we expected motherhood to be?? I try not to be too hard on myself and remember that chores can wait but spending time having fun and learning with my baby is my priority!

  3. I can’t stick to a daily routine. I have tried in the past and failed, so I do what I can when I can. Now that our boys are getting older, they help out a lot around the house which enables us more time to spend as a family doing fun activities.

  4. I used to have a daily routine when I have Mavi but when Vito came along, I can’t stick to it anymore. What I do is just create to do list LOL. Any, I feel you. us Moms are the busiest people. And I tend to resort to netflix at night as well to keep my mind off from other things so I can sleep soundly.

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