Cell phones and toilet water.

You can probably assume from the title that a cell phone came in contact with toilet water. If you thought that, you were right. A few weeks ago, my phone thought it would be fun to take a bath in the toilet. I didn’t find it as much fun. In my defense, I have never in my 27 years of life, dropped something in the toilet. So of course the first thing would be my phone. BUT I didn’t actually drop it. It fell out of my back pocket. Well, I put it in rice and left it for a day. It worked again, then I discovered the speaker didn’t work. Along came a factory reset to try and fix it. Did it work? Nope. I had to buy a headset. Then I was just getting used to having to use the headset, when it breaks. Ugh. I have just the worst luck. So guess what happened next?
I dropped it and the screen stopped working. I had to get a whole new phone. I wonder if this is a sign that I shouldn’t have nice things. Hmm…..