My oldest thinks he needs Grandma to rock him to sleep every night. I don’t how how he got into this habit, but every night he goes to Grandma (next door) and gets rocked to sleep.The past few nights, even Grandma can’t seem to get him to go to sleep. She tries to rock him and he wakes up a few minutes later. If you put him in his bed, he gets back up. He is almost 3 and can’t go to bed on his own. I don’t know how to break him of this habit either. If I send him to bed and he cries, it will keep the other children up. I just know he needs to go to sleep in his own bed, like a big boy.
If he is tired he will fall asleep for a nap wherever he is. Like this.
Or this.
Or my personal favorite, this.

But how do I get him to sleep in his bed? Maybe I’ll start working on that when school gets out for summer vacation. Cause if he keeps the other kids up, oh well, it’s summer. 😉


3 thoughts on “Sleeping.

  1. Those pictures are hilarious! Yes, kids do the funniest things. Good luck! 🙂 I don’t have any answers… every kid is so different.

  2. These pictures are pretty funny! By chance, would a bedtime story or a sound machine help lull him to sleep? We have a sound machines that’s disguised as a stuffed animal.

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