Music can be comforting. It can sooth you. It can make you cry or smile. Sometimes all you need is to listen to your favorite song. It can feel like all your troubles have disappeared. You can listen to a song and realize that you can relate. You are/were going through what the artist is singing about.

As a teenager, I listened to lots of songs about love. Finding love. Being in love. Losing love. I hadn’t been in love, but I felt almost as though I had. That is how powerful music is.

There are those songs that just bring you to tears. Whether they be happy tears or sad ones, the music moves you. Then you have songs that make you laugh. They may be silly or just remind you of something funny.

As you get older, your taste in music may change. When I was a child, all I listened to was religious music. As I got older, I preferred county. Now as an adult, I listen to lots of different things. Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Lea Michele, and loads more.

There is one song I remember from when I was younger, that pretty much sums it all up.



2 thoughts on “Music.

  1. I have enjoyed many different genres of music over the years. For quite some time, I only listened to country. Then, I switched to rock. Now that I’m a mom, I’m all about children’s songs! I love watching my little girl sway left and right to “Old McDonald.” The music and movement brings a genuine smile to my face.

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