I absolutely LOVE shoes. There is no exaggeration. I love them. Looking at or trying on pretty shoes, makes me happy. The sad part is, I rarely have the money for shoes. And I don’t mean expensive $100 shoes. That is an insane price to pay for shoes. I think the most I have ever paid was $30 and that was for some comfortable walking shoes. If it wasn’t for tax returns, I wouldn’t have spent that much.

    Before having kids, I could spend my days wearing high heels and it wouldn’t phase me. Oh, boy, I can’t even think about doing it now. How do you chase your 2 year old around, without falling or stepping on them, all while you are wearing 3 inch heels? I’m not saying it can’t be done. Though I am not that kind of Super Mommy, so I can’t do it. I can however walk better in heels if I have had a few drinks. (Or maybe I’m just drunk and think I am better when I am not.)

    When I was a small child, age 1-2, you had better think twice about taking off your shoes when I am around. I would put my little feet in those suckers and off I went. One time when my grandma was visiting she had to put her shoes in the bathroom for the night, because I could see them from my crib and was crying because I couldn’t put them on. Luckily I grew out of that. It would be a bit weird if you took your shoes off and I ran off with them now. I think people would stop hanging out with me if I did that.




8 thoughts on “Shoes.

    • I usually go to Ross for shoes. We don’t have a Target or Wal-Mart here, otherwise I would shop there! Lol. 🙂 I know what you mean and a wish list. I have a Pinterest board titled “Shoes I Wish I Had”. 😉

  1. LOL! You are hilarious! It was meant to be… your love of shoes, if it started when you were a baby! 🙂

  2. We’re opposites. For me shoes are purely for protection, if necessary, and hopefully they sort of match what I’m wearing. I used to have a thing for heels, but they’re terrible for your feet and back, and really not practical. Maybe I’m just a hippie at heart.

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