My little man.

    In November of 2007. I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancy was pretty normal.
(Me at 6 months pregnant. with Mackenzie in the corner photo bombing.)

I was scheduled for a c-section on May 6th, 2008. But on May 2nd, I started having contractions. I went to the hospital and was told that even though I was having some strong contractions, I wasn’t dilating. So I was sent home.
(Not a very good picture, but here I am at 33 weeks.)

On the morning of May 6th, I got up super early, showered and headed to the hospital. Excited that I was finally going to meet my little boy. They get me in my room, I put a robe on and am about to get my IV put in, when the doctor comes in. She tells me I have to go home. At first I thought it was a joke. I mean, I was almost done with everything they were going to do before my c-section. As it turns out, she wasn’t joking. All their rooms were full and they had no where for me to go. They said that since my surgery wasn’t an emergency, I got to go home and come back 2 days later. I was heartbroken. I just wanted to hold my little guy in my arms. So I went home. 2 days later, I did the same thing. Got up super early, showered and headed to the hospital. This time, I got to stay. A few hours later, I became a proud Mama to an adorable little man.
(My little man, Theodore. 1 day old)
(A few hours old.)

At that point in my life, I felt like things couldn’t get any better. I had 2 beautiful girls and now I had a handsome little boy. My world was complete. 🙂
Now I have this goofy little 6 year old. Time goes by way too fast. Happy Birthday, Theodore. Even though you are getting older, you will always be my little man. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My little man.

  1. I think I would cried if they told me to go home after all that. It’s funny how it really doesn’t matter when or how our children come into this world. In the end it only matters that they’re here.

  2. Awww *TEAR* i know what you mean.. lenny will be 3 soon and i can’t believe how big he is already. but 6??? I want to cry!! haha 🙂 Happy Birthday to Theodore! 🙂

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