I hate to clean. I’m not exaggerating. I literally hate it. With that being said, it is probably alright to assume that I am not a neat and tidy person. I tend to pile things. Everywhere. On my dresser, nightstand, bookshelf, entertainment center, pretty much anywhere there is a free spot. I’ve been this way all my life. My mom says I am like her. I’m a “pilot”. I like to “pile it” here and “pile it” there. I will try to tidy up my piles, but always seem to fail.
This is the table next to my chair in the living room. No matter how many times I clean/tidy it up, it looks like this.

This one really annoys my husband. He asks me to not pile things here. He says it is his one place that he has to put his wallet and keys. How do you think I’m doing with that? Does it look clean? 😉

So my husband bought me this shelf thing that has 8 cubbyholes and 4 little fabric drawer things. It was supposed to give me more places to put my junk (my word, not his) and clean the house up a bit. Well, here is a picture of it.
Not too bad. Though maybe I should show you the top.
The top isn’t too bad. Though I just cleaned this up a few days ago. It was horrible before. My husband thinks I just have too much stuff. I try to go through it every now and then, but I REALLY hate throwing things away. Even when I find stuff we don’t need anymore, I save it, in hopes that I can have a yard sale eventually. Maybe I should seek professional help. It appears I have a problem.


7 thoughts on “Cleaning.

  1. Esther, you are so real, it’s awesome. I love that there is no shame in who you are it’s take it or leave it. Sincerely, 🙂 I don’t like cleaning either, but I’m getting better. Either way, I LOVE this whole “Pilot” thing. haha. I think I’ll have to borrow that 🙂

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