I don’t know when exactly I stopped using it. I used to be on all the time. People would  suggest Facebook to me and my response was always basically the same. “Facebook is stupid. Myspace is way better.”
    Yesterday, I decided to go on there and look for baby pictures of my oldest. (Didn’t find any.) Holy cow!  It is SO different. I guess it is more geared towards music. It took me forever to find my pictures. All my folders say the pictures were “migrated from classic Myspace”. Not to mention the folder for my pictures is labeled “mixes”. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who still love Myspace, but I am definitely not one of them. I think it is time for me to get all my pictures off my profile and delete it. Hmm…. I may need to ponder that a bit.
   Here are a few of the pictures on my Myspace.
This is Mackenzie’s silly face. She is a year old here.

Hailey looking between her legs at me. She is also about a year old.

ImageAlmost 2 year old Theodore loving on his new baby sister, Charlotte. 🙂

Mackenzie liked to hook Dora’s feet on the underside of the top bunk. Then I would walk past their room and see this.

   The pictures are the only reason I have kept my Myspace account. I don’t have those pictures anymore and really don’t want to lose them. So I guess I am about to start the LONG process of saving all of them. Sigh.


9 thoughts on “Myspace

  1. Haha how cute 🙂 love all the pics and I imagine that Dora thing would crack me up!! 🙂 I love hearing about you and your kids! They seem pretty entertaining ^.~ btw I felt exactly the same about MySpace as you did before.. And facebook.. Except now I agree Facebook is wayyy better lol funny how things change!

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